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One Year Ago Today

What was going on in your world 365 days ago?

9/25/06 03:01 am - truefaux - Paris Journal (an actual journal entry I never posted)

Another warm, lonely night. I went to the movies w/M. We saw La Jetee and this other American movie called The Damned. La Jetee was good, much better than I had expected.
Anyway, we talked in the station for a bit afterwards, then said goodbye in a friendly fashion, with just a tinge of awkwardness. He said that he had homework, and I know that he has been sick too, so I don't feel quite as rejected as if...
Ah, never mind.
I am just feeling very lonely and I'm sure that if that weren't the case I wouldn't be analyzing a simple parting in a train station to death.
So Friday was my last intensive language class. What am I going to do with myself now? haha. I suppose I'll find stuff to do, but the problem is that I'm so broke it's going to be tough. I will probably be reading in parks a lot. Alone. Of course there's loads of practical stuff to be done, too- so there's that. Is it obvious that I am trying to make myself feel better?
Alright well my eyes are starting to close on my so I'd better let them have their way.

8/23/06 11:15 pm - davenhurst

Ok, so now thats all changed. It's cold upstairs.

One year ago today.... probably wondering what I'll be doing in a year's time.

7/25/06 11:48 am - davenhurst - Way back when....

A quick first post to say hi.....

One year ago I decided to stop shaving my head. This was a life changing decision and is why my upper limit is such a mess right now.
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